The Oregon Liability Reform Coalition, founded in 2006, was formed to promote educational awareness and public policy towards reducing the adverse impact of litigation on businesses, taxpayers and society.

OR LRC is the only organization in Oregon with the sole focus of limiting the expansion of tort liability and reducing the cost of defending lawsuits.

Oregon Liability Reform Coalition will take a comprehensive approach, engaging in public education, legislative advocacy and electoral and political affairs in order to speed resolution of civil actions; and to improve the fairness and certainty in our civil justice system.

Experiences from states that have had recent successes in passing significant tort reform — places as diverse as Florida, Texas, Illinois, and California — show that having a dedicated, stand-alone organization is critical in taking on personal injury lawyers and bringing fairness and balance back to the civil justice system.

The Oregon Liability Reform Coalition is modeled after the Washington Liability Reform Coalition, one of the most successful tort reform coalitions in the United States and is affiliate with the American Tort Reform Association.

The coalition will play a key role in shaping public policy issues. We will work with the Legislature – and carefully track developments at the state Supreme Court level – to reduce lawsuit abuse, and we will vigorously oppose efforts to expand liability damages.