The Oregon Liability Reform Coalition (ORLRC), was founded in 2006 to support public policy limiting adverse impacts on businesses, taxpayers and communities. ORLRC is committed to restoring balance to the scales of justice and engages in activity around legislation that negatively impacts its members from a liability perspective.

ORLRC is the only organization in Oregon with the sole focus of limiting the expansion of tort liability and reducing the cost of defending lawsuits.

ORLRC takes a comprehensive approach, engaging in public education, legislative advocacy and electoral and public affairs to speed resolution of civil actions; and to improve fairness and certainty in our civil justice system. We work with the Legislature – and carefully track developments at the state Supreme Court level – to reduce lawsuit abuse, and vigorously oppose efforts to expand liability damages.

The Oregon Liability Reform Coalition is affiliate with the American Tort Reform Association.

ORLRC Supports:

  1. Legislation that decreases liability exposure.
  2. Legislation that limits time periods for filing suit.
  3. Legislation that limits the costs associated with lawsuits.
  4. Legislation that protects consumers from unscrupulous attorneys, unreasonable or excessive fees on judgments, or from predatory practices related to their involvement in a lawsuit.
  5. Legislation ensuring Oregonians are adequately and fairly compensated for their actual economic loss.
  6. Legislation reforming the system by removing inherent disincentives for defendants to appeal.
  7. Legislation that encourages open and transparent information about State contracting with private attorneys to sue Oregon businesses including access to detail around compensation of these attorneys.