Lawsuit abuse negatively affects all aspects of our state’s society. From doctors and patients to consumers, governments and businesses of every size, lawsuit abuse places an undue burden on all of us.

  • Oregon holds rank number 21, a decline of seven spots in one year, in the 2010 Lawsuit Climate survey, conducted by the Harris Initiative on behalf of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.
  • In the last two election cycles (2006 and 2008), plaintiffs’ attorneys have raised more than $750,000 to support candidates who share their point of view. (Campaign finance information is available through ORESTAR)

Oregon’s businesses need consistent and fair treatment by our legal system.  Tax increases passed in early 2010, erosion of and constant attack of reasonable lawsuit protections are contributing to a continuing decline of the state’s legal climate. If Oregon is going to recover in this recession, we need to stop the slippery slope decline that is making industry vulnerable to excessive and frivolous lawsuits.

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