The ORLRC plays a key role in shaping public policy issues. We work with the Legislature, candidates, and other policy makers to reduce lawsuit abuse, and we vigorously oppose efforts to expand liability damages. Our diverse coalition includes more than 30 different organizations, representing a broad range of industries.

Benefits of ORLRC membership include:

  • Staff and lobbyists dedicated to liability reform issues
  • Regular communication on liability reform issues and important court decisions
  • Legislative Committee participation to review and provide input on industry specific tort reform, lawsuit abuse, and other relevant legislative issues to help develop a legislative agenda, with meetings held weekly during legislative session
  • Invitations to attend candidat or elected official interviews and fundraising events

Download Membership Form (PDF)

If you’re interested in becoming an ORLRC member, or have questions about the work we do, call us at (503) 967-6214 or email us at